The Bluetooth module on the Playstation 4 failing is not an uncommon fault that we see in our workshop and requires specialist BGA reballing techniques / equipment to carry out the repair. We now enjoy a near 100 percent success rate on this repair. It shows up by not surprisingly failing to connect any bluetooth devices such as a control pad or wireless headset to your Playstation 4.

We start by removing a working Bluetooth pcb module from a donor board, this is removed from the main board in the same way we reapply the working module. It is prepared by using a bga rework station with custom heat settings we have tried and tested over a period of time to give the best results. When the module has cooled we then clean the solder connections with solder wick, populate the connections with solder balls which are then heated to just under 200 degrees centigrade until they have soldered to the module.

The faulty main board is then set up in the BGA rework station so we can remove the offending Bluetooth module. Once removed and cooled down we can then clean the board, again using solder wick, cleaning the board with isopropanol and finally putting a light covering of high quality flux over the connections – this will help when the solder melts onto the board.

The working Bluetooth module is now placed on the board, lined up with the markers and the board is set up in the rework station again.  The rework station is then set off with an engineer carefully watching for the moment when the module “drops” as the balls of solder go molten. The heat is then kept on the module for around 20 seconds to make sure the solder all connects and gives good electronic contact.

Once the board has cooled the machine is reassembled, fully checked and returned to the happy customer