Well this one caused us a headache but we managed to successfully replace a faulty SSD hard drive in a Series X console. In their infinite wisdom Microsoft have made it almost impossible to replace a faulty drive in an Xbox Series X or S at time of writing this.

Firstly if your drive has a complete meltdown with no data left on it we currently can’t replace it as there is a partition with encrypted  data on that needs to be transferred to the replacement Xbox Series X M.2 drive from the original one, in this case the drive had not completely died so we were able to transfer this. Hopefully as the machines get older and we see more drive failures Microsoft will allow a way to replace a drive directly in their machines.

Just to add insult to injury the encryption key is constantly changing  every time the drive updates so potentially even if you have the correct data and it fails during the initial update it could have you back to square one unable to replace the drive due to drive encryption.