We’ve only had a few Steam Decks in for repair to date but due to the way they are built we’re quite liking working on them. Unlike many tech devices we have in for repair they are well put together and dare I say it quite nice to work on.

A customer contacted us to see if we could replace the broken screen on his Steam Deck, he’d already bought it but decided against fitting it himself. We fully stripped the Steam Deck and after applying a small amount of heat to the edge of the screen we carefully prized it out of the housing. The new screen was placed inside the machine, tested and finally glued into the front of the Steam Deck, re-assembled and charged up.

We were very happy with the result and hopefully will be seeing many more of these for repair / upgrade in the future. Any repairs / upgrades not seen on our main site you can contact us to see if we can give you a quote.