A not so common fault we have seen on the PlayStation 4 is the Bluetooth / Wi-Fi module failing which could cause lots of problems with controllers not connecting or the Wi-Fi running badly or not at all. When our customer called and told us he had problems with his PS5 control pads not connecting we suspected it could be the same issue as the PS4.

We have a few scrap boards we use components off so decided to remove the suspected faulty PS5 Bluetooth module and replace it with one off a spare board, this involves reballing the working module with a hot air station and heating the board until the solder melts and connects to the board.

Once we’d replaced the module, we reassembled the PS5 console with respread liquid metal heat sink compound and were more than happy with the result – it worked! After testing with several pads, we were happy another machine had been repaired. Contact us for any repairs not on our website as theres always a good chance we can help you out.