We’ve got an extreme version of an overheating PlayStation 5 in for repair we thought we would share with you.  Most PlayStation 5 consoles that come into us with overheating issues are straight forward heatsink liquid metal respreading due to the motherboard constantly expanding and contracting when it’s being used or turned off causing the liquid metal to move further down the chip it’s meant to be cooling.

Here we have an example of a machine that’s been knocked over (by a dog, twice in this case!) and as you can see by the attached images the liquid metal has gone past the outer edges of the chip where its meant to be.  1st time we had this customers machine in we had to add liquid metal to make it cool properly, on the 2nd visit respreading was all that was needed.

If your PlayStatyion console is overheating and you don’t fancy trying it yourself drop us a message and we can see if we can help.