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Is your computer constantly crashing? Sick of seeing the Blue Screen of Death? Got a virus? Computer running slowly? Laptop screen cracked? Dont panic.. it's all in a days work for us!

Did you know.. you can now send us your device for repair using our Mail Order Repair Service!

Laptop Repairs

No Video Output on Screen

A very common fault with laptops is to have no output onscreen due to a failure of the graphics chip. This can be caused by many things but is usually because the machine has overheated due to a blocked fan or a breakdown of the solder holding the chip onto the board. We strip the laptop and rework the GPU chip, we then service the fan and replace any worn heat sink pads and thermal paste to aid the cooling of the machine to prevent this fault reoccurring.

The machine is reassembled and we then stress test the machine keeping a close eye on the temperature the machine runs at to make sure it won’t fail when we return it to you.


Windows System / Hard Drive Failure

Windows can stop working for any number of reasons - failed updates, corrupt files, and bad disc sectors all the way up to complete hard drive failure. All these things are sent to try us but fear not we can resurrect most of these laptops back to their original state with files and documents intact.

In the worst case we would have to replace the hard drive without being able to recover any data.

From £25

Screen / Digitiser (touch screen) Replacement

Laptop screens are quite fragile and don't take too much abuse before they crack and need replacing. Now with the advent of touch screen laptops, there are two screens to break - the LCD and the digitiser (touch screen). We keep most common screens in stock and can offer a quick turnaround in most cases. Even non-stock screens can normally be ordered and fitted within 2 to 3 working days keeping your laptop up and running in a short time.

Please contact us with your model number and we can give you an accurate quote and lead time

From £65

DC Power Socket Replacement

Many laptops suffer from this problem. If a laptop is moved around frequently with the power adaptor attached, this can cause undue stress on the PC power socket where the power is plugged into the machine. In most cases the laptop needs to be stripped down, the motherboard removed and we then need to de-solder the damaged socket from the board and replace it with a brand new one.

Whilst doing this we carry out a quick fan clean to keep your machine at a sensible running temperature thus preventing further problems with overheating.


Liquid Damage Repair

Hands up, how many of you have been browsing the net late at night with a drink next to your laptop and it's knocked over covering your laptop with the contents of the glass? The common misconception is that water and electronics don't mix, well that is mostly true, but in many cases we can cure this problem. We prepare the board and clean it up before running it through a cycle in an ultrasonic cleaning tank with special chemicals designed to take anything off the board that isn't meant to be there.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend removing the battery and NOT turning it on after spillage, as in some cases, it can cause further damage.


Fan Service / Cleaning

Due to the day to day operation of a laptop, the fan heatsink can get clogged up with dust and lint causing the machine to run at a higher temperature and possibly causing issues at a later date. We remove the heat sink and fan, clean any fluff and lint off the heat sink and replace any dried up heat sink paste.

Performing this service will help keep your machine running at a sensible temperature and help prevent any of the many problems associated with overheating.




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Tablet Repair

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Smartphone Repair

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