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Whether it be a broken screen, liquid damage or even dodgy buttons, we can fix it! If the problem you're having isn't on the list below, don't panic.. chances are we can fix it!

Did you know.. you can now send us your device for repair using our Mail Order Repair Service!

Apple iPad Mini Repairs

iPad Mini Touch Screen Digitiser Replacement

We carry out large numbers of touch screen digitser replacements for the ipad mini series. First we heat the screen on the iPad mini to break the glue down so that we can separate the two screens. We then remove the lcd screen to expose the lower pcb shield plate which is then carefully removed. Once this has been done both screens are removed from the frame and the glue is carefully removed. The process is then reversed with a new touch screen digitiser fitted and once tested the new screen is glued into place and the iPad mini is ready to be returned to the customer.
You can identify which model of iPad mini you have here

iPad mini 1st Gen A1432 A1454 A1455

iPad mini 2nd Gen A1489 A1490 A1491

iPad mini 3rd Gen A1599 A1600 A1601

iPad mini 4th Gen A1538 A1550

iPad Mini 1st Gen: £40
iPad Mini 2nd Gen: £40
iPad Mini 3rd Gen: £50
iPad Mini 4th Gen: £140

Cracked / Damaged LCD Screen Replacement

With the iPad mini display being made of two screens the lower LCD screen (the part that produces the images we see) can decide to go faulty or if the iPad mini is dropped you may find the LCD screen is damaged. If this is the case why not trust Whitedog with your repair for, we strip the iPad down to its bare bones to replace the screen, test that we are happy with the result and the iPad is good as new to carry on with its normal functions.

iPad Mini 1st Gen: £80
iPad Mini 2nd Gen: £90
iPad Mini 3rd Gen: £90

Battery Replacement

If you find your iPad mini battery life is short you may need your battery replacing. We carry this service out for you by stripping the iPad mini down to the frame, removing the faulty battery and replacing it with a brand new item giving you full power and longer charge periods. We always recommend regular cycling of your battery to extend its life, this is carried out by fully charging your iPad mini to 100% and using it until the battery is completely flat. If this procedure is repeated it is surprising how it can affect the longevity of the battery.

iPad Mini 1st Gen: £65
iPad Mini 2nd Gen: £65
iPad Mini 3rd Gen: £65



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