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The Smartphone is an incredibly useful device, but only if it's working! Thankfully, we can fix the vast majority of faults and damage that may occur to the various models of iPhone.

Did you know.. you can now send us your device for repair using our Mail Order Repair Service!

Samsung Smartphone Repairs

Samsung Galaxy A Series

Samsung android smartphones are generally the most popular phone on todays market and just like all other phones a prone to breaking if dropped too often, We always recommend a sturdy case and screen protector for your phone to minimise any damage, but if the worst happens and you break your screen we can help out with a genuine Samsung replacement service pack which includes the phones mid-section - in most cases the phone will look like the day you 1st got it again.

Please note these are genuine Samsung parts, we can fit 3rd party screens on request.

Samsung Galaxy A10 (with frame) : £70
Samsung Galaxy A12 (with frame) : £80
Samsung Galaxy A20E (with frame): £75
Samsung Galaxy A21s (with frame): £80
Samsung Galaxy A22 (with frame): £80
Samsung Galaxy A32 4g (with frame: £90
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (with frame): £100
Samsung Galaxy A40 (with frame): £90
Samsung Galaxy A41 (with frame): £90
Samsung Galaxy A42 (with frame): £90
Samsung Galaxy A50 (with frame): £90
Samsung Galaxy A51 (with frame): £105
Samsung Galaxy A52 (with frame): £90
Samsung Galaxy A70 (with frame): £140
Samsung Galaxy A71 (with frame): £120
Samsung Galaxy A72 (with frame): £!20

Samsung Galaxy S Screen Repairs

We can replace all Samsung Smartphone screens whether it's just the glass front or the whole screen. Samsung phones are quite rugged but will only take so much abuse, that’s where we step in - call us first for all your broken screen replacements. We use genuine Samsung screens unless specified.
Due to the large range of Samsung phones we have only listed a small amount of the range we replace screens on, please contact us for prices on an individual Samsung Phone.

In many cases both the back and front of the phone are damaged, please contact for a price to replace the back as well as the front to give your phone that new out of the box look.

Samsung Galaxy S8: £160
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: £180
Samsung Note 8: £200
Samsung Galaxy S9 : £170
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: £190
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: £240
Samsung Note 10: £220
Samsung N 10 Plus: £260
Samsung s20: £215
Samsung s20 ultra: £240
Samsung s20 Plus: £240
Samsung note 20: £260
Samsung note 20 ultra: £300
Samsung s21: £180
Samsung s21 ultra: £260
Samsung s21 Plus: £190



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