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At Whitedog, we built our reputation repairing games consoles and video games, right back in the days of the Dreamcast! With over 15 years of experience, we became one of the largest repairers of games consoles in the UK, with even people sending consoles from overseas to be repaired.

With this level of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your precious Playstation, XBox or any other games console is in good hands when we are repairing or upgrading it for you.

Did you know.. you can now send us your device for repair using our Mail Order Repair Service!

Xbox One Repairs

Xbox One HDMI Controller Chip Replacement

If you are getting no output on your Xbox One and the HDMI port is intact it can be a fault with the HDMI controller chip which needs replacing. Common symptoms can be distorted graphics, your Xbox one console only displaying in lower 720P resolution or no output at all.
We use hot air soldering technology to remove and replace the surface mounted HDMI controller ic on the original Xbox one, the Xbox one S and Xbox one X models.


Disc Read Error

Disk not recognised in your XBox one? A very common problem with consoles that read optical media is laser / drive failure. We strip and clean drives replacing any worn parts, which in most cases will be the laser. The machine is then internally cleaned to stop any dust getting into the drive causing more problems, lubricate any parts that require it and give your console a bench test before returning it to you in perfect working condition.

From £30

Hard Disc Drive Replacement

The Xbox one uses a standard 2.5" hard disc drive to store games and data, just like any moving part these can fail and need replacing. This fault can show itself by no screen output whatsoever, the green Xbox one loading screen is all that shows on boot up or slow loading times.
The hard drive needs reprogramming and then setting up in your machine, luckily when you log back on to your live account all game saves and data will automatically download so all you need to do is re-load any games to get you back to your favourite games. Please note there may be small fluctuations in price due to HDD prices.

From £80

HDMI Port Replacement

We see many faults with damaged HDMI ports caused by constant cable replacement when machines are moved from one room to another or if the cable is pulled out suddenly due to a fall or a clumsy foot getting in the way. No need to worry though as we have the correct equipment and necessary skills to replace the HDMI port on the Xbox One. With a combination of hot air and traditional soldering irons we remove, clean up and replace the faulty HDMI port getting your console back in the game.


Drive Jammed

Money, plastic coins, Lego, medals – we’ve seen these all pushed into console drives by kids mistaking your precious XBox for a post box. Fear not we can normally strip the machines drive, remove the offending objects and leave you to explain to the kids why they get no pocket money this week!


WIFI / Pad Connection issues

The WIFI and wireless controller board on the Xbox one is a components we regularly see problems with, it shows itself by either not connecting to your WIFI router, not connecting to your wireless pad or in some cases both!
We can rectify this fault by replacing your Xbox one WIFI board with a working unit giving you full connectivity once more.


Liquid Damage

Spilt your cup of tea on your XBox?, Mrs dropped her glass of wine a little too close and it’s all on top of your console slowly seeping inside? Turn it off before it starts to smoke then give us a call!! With the correct cleaning methods we have perfected here at Whitedog Console Repairs we can get the majority of liquid damaged XBox One's back to full health. We highly recommend disconnecting any power source if liquid comes into contact with your console as it can cause further damage. We highly recommend disconnecting any power source if liquid comes into contact with your console as it can cause further damage.


Xbox One Controller Pad

Xbox One Pads come in for a lot of hammer and with some custom controllers costing in excess of £100 it makes sense to go for a repair if one fails. We can replace analog sticks, fix buttons and if you fancy something different ask for a quote to customise your pad to your needs.

From £25



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