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Whether it be a broken screen, liquid damage or even dodgy buttons, we can fix it! If the problem you're having isn't on the list below, don't panic.. chances are we can fix it!

Google Nexus 7 Repairs

Screen Replacement

The screen on the Google Nexus 7 tablet is a digitiser and LCD in one so whether it’s the touch screen or the visible part of it, this repair fixes both. On this repair we remove the old screen, clean the area where the screen adhesive was, glue the new screen in and your Nexus 7 is as good as new again.

1st Gen: £60
2nd Gen: £60

Battery Replacement

If you battery is not holding its charge and only staying charged for a short time then there's a pretty good chance the battery needs replacing. We use genuine batteries for improved charge.

1st Gen: £40
2nd Gen: £45

USB Charging Socket Repair

The USB power socket comes in for quite a lot of abuse on the Nexus 7 with the constant plugging and unplugging of the charger, or if you're really unlucky knocking it around when the power supply is still attached and damaging it. We can replace the USB charging socket for you and restore full power back to your tablet.

1st Gen: £30
2nd Gen: £30

Liquid Damage

If you are unlucky enough to spill a drink or any liquid on your Nexus 7 tablet we have a special chemical bath we can immerse the printed circuit board into. The board is then allowed to dry and is returned into the tablet; although this won't fix all water damage, we have good results and a high success rate.

1st Gen: £50
2nd Gen: £50



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