PC and Laptop RepairsWe offer repairs for PC and Laptop Repairs

Computer Repair Services

Is your computer constantly crashing? Sick of seeing the Blue Screen of Death? Got a virus? Computer running slowly? Laptop screen cracked? Dont panic.. it's all in a days work for us!

Desktop PC Repairs

Windows Operating System Reinstall

Has your version of windows started coming up with errors or is completely failing to load? No problem, we can fully install your required version of windows (with your supplied key) with all of the latest updates and drivers installed for your machine. We also leave free maintenance software on your machine to keep you running as efficiently as possible.


Virus Removal / System Cleanup

If your machine is running slower than usual or you suspect you may have a virus then this is the service for you. We scan your machine with various pieces of software, delete any temporary files, defrag your drives, clean and fix any registry issues once more giving your machine a clean bill of health once more.

From £25

System Upgrade

This covers a wide range of upgrades from more memory, faster processor, bigger power supplies to pretty much any parts you want adding to your tower.
Please contact us for free advice and prices.

From £20



Tablet Repairs

Tablet Repair

We can repair most tablets on the market, including iPads, Nexus & more

Smartphone Repairs

Smartphone Repair

iPhones, Galaxy, HTC, Sony.. chances are we can repair any faults on most Smartphones

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PC & Laptop Repair

We can fix most PC or Laptop problems, including Mac and MacBook issues

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Console Repair

PS4, XBox One, in fact, we can repair most makes and models of Games Console