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Is your computer constantly crashing? Sick of seeing the Blue Screen of Death? Got a virus? Computer running slowly? Laptop screen cracked? Dont panic.. it's all in a days work for us!

Macbook Repairs

Hard Disk Drive Replacement

If you have hard drive problems, complete failure or simply want to upgrade to a bigger / faster hard drive we are happy to help. The price displayed is for a standard 500GB hard drive although we can quote for any you require.
We replace the hard drive, install the latest operating system and if we can retrieve any data from your old hard drive we will transfer that over for you too.


No GFX / Output

Many MacBooks suffer from problems caused by problems with the GPU either due to heat related problems or general wear and tear. In most cases we can cure this by removing the board and reflowing the GFX chip reconnecting it to the board correctly. We then clean the fan and heat sink area before reapplying high quality thermal paste to aid with heat dissipation and reassemble your MacBook to give you a working machine once more.


Screen Replacement

There are many variations of screens between the MacBook series, some have separate led units with a glass front whilst others are a whole unit that needs replacing at a greater cost.
Please contact us with your machines model number so w can evaluate what you require and how much you will be charged.

From £50

OS Upgrade / Install

If you find yourself in the position that you need your operating system reinstalling or upgrading we can supply and install the latest OS for your MacBook keeping you fully up to date with all the latest apps and programs.

From £45

Battery Replacement

Over time you may find your MacBook has shorter battery life leaving you permanently plugged into the power supply. Contact us with your model number and we will be able to give you a competitive quote for your specific machine.

From £40



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Tablet Repair

We can repair most tablets on the market, including iPads, Nexus & more

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Smartphone Repair

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