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At Whitedog, we built our reputation repairing games consoles and video games, right back in the days of the Dreamcast! With over 15 years of experience, we became one of the largest repairers of games consoles in the UK, with even people sending consoles from overseas to be repaired.

With this level of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your precious Playstation, XBox or any other games console is in good hands when we are repairing or upgrading it for you.

Nintendo Switch Repairs

Nintendo Switch Power Socket Replacement

The power socket on the switch is a repair with a twist, you can't get a soldering iron under the socket to solder the back pins. We use a hot air rework station to carefully remove and replace the faulty item for this repair, we have invested many hours of our time to perfect the technique to replace the Nintendo Switch faulty power socket, if you have this fault with your console feel free to contact us and book your repair in with us.


Nintendo Switch Joycon Replacement

The failure of the Ninitendo Switch Joycons or Joycon Drift as it's also know is a well known fault that can really mess up yor gameplay when Mario starts running around with a mind of his own!
We can replace your joycon or both joycons on all versions of the switch, we offer a discount if a sencond one is replaced at the same time on the same console, prices may vary on different versions so why not contact us for a quote to have your Nintendo Switch Joycons replaced?

From £25

Nintendo Switch Power IC Replacement

We can replace the surface mount ic's on the Nintendo Switch when they go faulty.
We see quite a few machines that require the power / charging ic's to be replaced, especially after the C type charging socket has been damaged - if we are replacing the port we offer a discount if this needs doing at the same time as the machine is fully stripped and ready to be worked on.
There are 2 main chips on the charging circuit on the Nintendo Switch and in most cases these will both need replacing - why not call / mail us for a quote or to diagnose your particular issue.


LCD Screen replacement

The Nintendo Switch is another innovative console from Nintendo, play it on the move or connect to a TV for full on gaming fun. Unfortunately, like all devices with screens people tend to drop and break them: once again we can come to your rescue and repair your Nintendo Switch with a broken LCD screen. The screen comes in 2 parts., a touch screen digitiser and an LCD screen - if you break the LCD part of the screen select this service and let Whitedog do the business for you.


Touch Screen Digitiser Replacement

There's nothing worse than a touch screen Nintendo Switch with a broken touch screen, whether you have scratched, cracked or just broken the touch screen on your Nintendo Switch we are here to save your bacon! Either drop by to our shop or use our mail order service and we can work our magic and replace the screen for you.


LCD + Touch Screen Digitiser Replacement

If you're really unlucky and damage both the LCD and touch screen on your Nintendo Switch we offer this service to replace both screens. We only use good quality parts in our Nintendo Switch repairs so if you need a fast good quality repair job carrying out contact any of our repair team and we will be happy to repair your broken Nintendo Switch.




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We can repair most tablets on the market, including iPads, Nexus & more

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Smartphone Repair

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