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At Whitedog, we built our reputation repairing games consoles and video games, right back in the days of the Dreamcast! With over 15 years of experience, we became one of the largest repairers of games consoles in the UK, with even people sending consoles from overseas to be repaired.

With this level of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your precious Playstation, XBox or any other games console is in good hands when we are repairing or upgrading it for you.

Nintendo 3DS-XL Repairs

3DS-XL Top Screen Replacement

As with all handheld consoles we see more damaged screens than any other repair. If your 3DSXL top screen is cracked, or not displaying then it’s going to need replacing. This is a fiddly repair that requires a lot of patience and nimble finger work and one of the least favourite repairs we carry out but don’t worry, as soon as we have your machine we get to work quickly to get you back to playing.


3DS-XL Case Replacement

If you break the case on your console or the hinge comes off at one side unless you are going to carry the repair out yourself STOP! The reason we say this is damage can be caused to the top screen flex cable resulting in an even more expensive repair as the screen will need replacing. The left hand hinge has always been a weak point on Nintendo dual screen hand held’s so it’s worth inspecting it at regular intervals as cracks are prone to appear, we recommend very careful application of superglue to the crack in this case as it may just save you a few pounds in repair costs.


3DS-XL Bottom LCD Screen Replacement

Not a repair we see very often as it’s normally a case of the lcd screen failing. If you have no output on the bottom screen but there is output on the top screen then it’ll need replacing. Please note we use the original touch screen as they are two separate components, if the touch screen is failing you need to select that repair.


3DS-XL Bottom Touch Screen Replacement

Has your touch screen become scratched or worn through too much use, perhaps it’s unresponsive or only works in certain area’s making it unusable. We can replace the touch screen on your Nintendo 3DS and have it working and looking as good as new in no time.


3DS-XL Power Socket Replacement

The power socket can easily be damaged through either normal wear and tear or if the charging wire get’s dropped whilst it’s still connected and causes damage as it’s pulled out. We recommend playing without the charger plugged in to minimise the risk of damage, but if the socket needs replacing for any of these reasons you can rely on Whitedog to carry out a quality repair quickly and efficiently for you.


3DS-XL Game Slot Replacement

If your games are failing to register, someone’s poked something in the game slot or there is something trapped in it then it’ll need replacing. We can quickly replace the game slot for you to cure any of these problems leaving your handheld to do what it does best – play games!




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