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At Whitedog, we built our reputation repairing games consoles and video games, right back in the days of the Dreamcast! With over 15 years of experience, we became one of the largest repairers of games consoles in the UK, with even people sending consoles from overseas to be repaired.

With this level of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your precious Playstation, XBox or any other games console is in good hands when we are repairing or upgrading it for you.

Playstation 4 Repairs

HDMI Port Replacement

Has your HDMI port become worn with constant plugging / unplugging of the cable? Even worse has your Playstation 4 been knocked off a table with the cable still in and damaged the HDMI socket? Fear not we can replace the HDMI port for you and have you back up playing FIFA again in no time. In some cases the HDMI controller chip may also need replacing if some of the pins have shorted out to one another at further cost, you will be advised of this before any repair is carried out.

HDMI Port: £60
Port + Control chip: £100

Disc Read Error

Is your machine struggling to load your games or freezing halfway through a game of FIFA? Laser failure has always been a common fault in consoles and the Playstation 4 is no stranger to this problem. We replace the laser with a new one and make sure the drive internals are working correctly. We then test the machine until we are happy to let it go back to the customer in full working condition.
Some issues can be caused by the mechanics of the Playstation 4 disc drive and if we find the whole drive needs replacing we will advise you as there would be further cost.

From £50

Blue Light of Death

The blue light of death or BLOD is commonly a fault with the APU or main processing unit which results in no output from your machine, it also shows itself by having the status light as blue when the machine is turned on (it should be white when the machine is fully functioning).
We strip your machine, give it a full clean to help with cooling which can contribute to the blue light of death in the 1st place. We then rework the APU and reassemble the machine with high quality heat sink paste to give you a fully functioning PS4 again.


Hard Drive Replacement

Hard drives are another weak link in the Playstation 4's hardware and can be prone to failure just when you least expect it. We can replace your hard drive with a like for like size or perhaps you want a bigger hard drive with more storage which dependant on availability we can fit too.
Please note hard drive prices can fluctuate either up or down.

1TB Hard Drive: £80
2TB Hard Drive: £110
4 TB Hard Drive: £200

Drive Jammed

Whilst the next gen consoles disc drives function great when you offer a disc and it effortlessly slides in there is a downside. Young kids find it great to push things into these drives without a care in the world – coins, Lego, bottle tops, we even found some hand held console cartridges in one! Normally it’s a case of dismantling the drive and removing the offending product and checking all of the cogs are still in the correct place.


Liquid Damage

Electronics and water don't generally get on too well when they come into contact with each other, in short if you spill Coke / coffee / wine on your Playstation 4 the chances are it’s going to stop working or after a while as the liquid corrodes components it'll pack up. We have been dealing with this problem for a number of years now and with the use of specific chemicals and our ultrasonic bath we can fix the majority of these faults. We highly recommend disconnecting any power source if liquid comes into contact with your console as it can cause further damage.


Fan Service and Clean

If you find your Playstation 4 is overheating and the fan goes into hyper drive there’s a good chance you need this service.
We strip your machine down and give it a full clean of the power supply, fan and all the vents that get clogged with dust and other debris. We then clean all the old heat sink paste off and replace it with new high quality thermal past and finally reassemble and test your machine. This will not only ensure your machine runs quicker but will also help prolong the life of your hard disc drive helping it to run at a cooler temperature.


Bluetooth Module Replacement

If you find that none of your Bluetooth devices are connecting to your PS4 we can repair this fault for you.
The Playstation 4 uses the Bluetooth wireless connectivity system to wirelessly connect to your controller, headset, steering wheel and any other wireless device. In cases where this connection fails we need to replace the Bluetooth wireless module with a working one. We first have to remove the module from the board and replace it with a working one, this sounds an easy process until you realise that the module is a surface mounted BGA device, but fear not we have the technology and skills to replace it and have you fully connected once more.


PS4 Controller Pad

With control pads getting more and more expensive many of them now justify spending money on repair, we can replace analogue sticks, cure sticking buttons, replace shoulder triggers, cure charging port issues - in fact as long as we can get the parts we can replace pretty much anything on your Playstation 4 controller so before you shell out £50+ to replace your pad why not give us a call first for a quote?

From £25



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