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Shopfront » XBox 360 » XBox 360 Spares & Repairs » Xecuter RROD Fix Pro II

Xecuter RROD Fix Pro II

14.95 inc VAT

Availability: Temporarily out of stock


One of the failings of the Xbox 360 console is it's reputation for developing GPU based faults known as "the red ring of death", E74 error or sound but no display.
Two of the most effective remedies are to clamp the processer or fit heat sinks to the memory chips on the underside of the board - the Xecuter RROD Fix Pro kit addresses both of these problems and offers an all in one solution with the necessary tools, heat sink paste / pads, screws and washers.

Many guides and fixes are avaliable over the internet and if enough time is taken to read up on the subject you could at the very least resurrect a dead console or even permanently fix one!
Please note that Microsoft offer a 3 year warranty on some of these faults and can be contacted via thier website.

Please note in extreme cases this fix may not work although we have ever only come across a very small amount (less than 1%) that can't initially be fixed and its worth noting we repair this fault on a near daily basis!


Product Features

  • All tools included.
  • High quality thermal paste supplied.
  • Resurect your dead Xbox 360!
  • 2 x Southbridge / ANA Scaler Heatsinks



For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 May, 2009.

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