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XBox Nyko SpeakerCom System

£9.95 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock


Cut the cord, free your head, and be heard! The SpeakerCom for Xbox Live is the ideal headset alternative. The unit combines a self-muting microphone for privacy, and a volume-controlled speaker so everyone in the room can hear what's going on in the game.

The focused microphone picks up no ambient background noise, and the crisp loudspeaker produces clear sound without feedback, providing better sound quality then the traditional headset.

With its innovative design, the SpeakerCom mounts to your existing Xbox Live Adapter, and plugs into any Xbox Controller with 2 expansion ports. No batteries or software installation required. Compatible with all voice-enabled Xbox Live games, the SpeakerCom is the best voice chat solution for gamers who desire to be free of wires, headsets, and headaches.

The SpeakerCom is a little speaker with an integrated microphone that is separated into two connected halves. The bottom half connects to the bottom slot of your Xbox controller while the top half slips over the Xbox Live Communicator module (Not supplied!!) connected to the top slot. This means you must have the Xbox Live Communicator in order to use this product (or any traditional headset for that matter). A headphone connector situated in the middle of the device slides into the Communicator's headphone jack and feeds audio to a tiny speaker, and voilŠ....your friends can hear everything you hear.

XBox Nyko SpeakerCom System Features

  • Ideal headset alternative
  • Speaker and microphone unit attaches directly to your controller and Xbox Live Communicator
  • SpeakerCom enables other players in the same room to speak and listen
  • No misplaced headset to look for, no messy wires to untangle
  • Plug and play - no installation or setup
  • No more ear discomfort from headsets
  • High quality components for great sound quality
  • Powered by controller - no batteries required

Controller not included!


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 December, 2004.