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22 SWG Solder Wire
22 SWG Solder Wire High quality 60/40 22 SWG solder wire with flux core. This is the same solder wire we use for instal ...

Electrical Multimeter
Electrical Multimeter This Electrical Multimeter is ideal for most applications, but absolutely invaluable for Mod Chip fi ...

Fibreglass Pen
Fibreglass Pen The Fibreglass Pen is used for removing solder resist (the coloured covering over copper PCB tracks) ...

Fibreglass Pen Replacement Nibs
Fibreglass Pen Replacement Nibs If you have one of our Fibreglass Pens, then you will eventually require Fibreglass Pen Replacement ...

Flux Pen
Flux Pen We all know that you only get out what you put in... skimp and you will always regret it! With a Fl ...

Kynar Wire
Kynar Wire High quality single core Kynar Wire (30awg) . 100metres per roll.   ...

Xbox / Xbox 360 Torx Set
Xbox / Xbox 360 Torx Set The Xbox / Xbox 360 Torx Set screwdriver set have all the correct torx size screwdrivers needed to o ...

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