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Sony PSP Sound Case - NTX Speaker

24.95   19.95 inc VAT

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The PSP Sound Case combines custom fit Storage with built-in NXT Speaker technology.

Concealed within the protective EVA material of the top cover, the Flat Panel Speaker is capable of 3 watts output with a full range 275Hz to 20KHz frequency response. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (supplied) and connecting to the headphone jack of the PSP, the Sound Case provides crystal clear sound to bring the game play, movie or MP3 music playback to life.

The sound case has been designed around the Sony PSP to allow all access to its controls when inserted into the case. This allows the PSP to be kept safe within the case during gaming. For music or movie playback the top cover opens to the perfect listening angle or can be zipped closed to enjoy music on the go. Featuring advanced sound technology and bespoke protective storage, the PSP Sound Case is the perfect partner for the PSP.

Product Features

  • Excellent design for safety and exceptional protection
  • Built in NTX Speaker
  • Fits the Sony PSP neatly
  • Designed specifically for the PSP Handheld


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 September, 2005.

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