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Sony PSP Pro Gamers Pack

9.95 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock


If you have a Sony PSP console then you will already be aware that although its a great console, some accessories that you will find invaluable, simply do not come with it in the pack. Third Party companies have done a fair job of providing for the needs of all PSP users out there, and Venom are renowned for their quality PSP add-ons and accessories.

There latest offering, the Sony PSP Pro Gamers Pack is no exception to their excellent product range. The Pro Gamer pack comes with all of the following to ensure you have everyhting you need for your PSP, but all in one neat pack:

PSP In Car Charger
Comes with an extra long cable and allows you to charge your PSP whilst on the move, using just a standard cigarette lighter socket in your car. It also wont ruin the interior look of your vehicle, as the design of the charger is stylish and looks well in any vehicle, be it a Mini or a Porsce!

PSP Silicone Case
We all know that the screen of the PSP is an excellent piece of modern engineering, but with that comes the responsibility of looking after it! We dont want scratches and marks on the PSP screen, so this Silicone PSP Case is perfect for keeping your PSP in tip top condition.

PSP Docking Station with Universal Cable
With this ingenious PSP docking station, you can connect your PSP to your PC with minimum effort, allowing you to download data from your PC, whilst simultaneously charging your PSP from the USB connector on your PC. Whilst being practical and a great time saver, it also looks great and is a fantastic piece of kit!

PSP EVA Moulded Carry Bag
If you carry your PSP around with you (and lets face it.. thats the idea!) then eventually you are going to need a decent carrying case with which to keep your PSP safe on those journeys. This EVA moulded PSP carry case does just that. It also comes complete with a built in internal pocket, so you can carry your UMD disks safely at the same time.

2 x UMD Games Cases
If all you want to do is carry just your UMD disks to a friends, or perhaps dont have enough space in the EVA moulded bag for your huge game collection, then these 2 UMD games cases will do you just fine. These will allow you to keep your UMD disks safe and the cases look great too!

PSP Screen Cover
If you dont wish to use the Silicone Case, but still wish to keep your PSP screen protected against the elements and scratches, then this PSP Screen Cover is just for you! Simply attach to your PSP and it will protect your screen, and also has an anti-glare coating too, to make gameplaying the way it should... fun!

Product Features

  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with everything you need to make full use of your PSP
  • Car Charger, Silicone Case, Docking Station, Carry Case, UMD Case and Screen Cover!
  • A fraction of the cost if purchased seperately


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 December, 2005.

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