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Shopfront » Sony PSP » Sony PSP Cables & Adapters » Sony PSP Datel WiFi Max

Sony PSP Datel WiFi Max

£24.95 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock


With the Datel WiFi Max, you open your PSP console up to the wonder of the internet... but wirelessly! Surf the internet, manage your files and play your games online.

You may think this wireless world is complicated? Sure, its high tech and uses the very latest wireless technology... but installing and using the WiFi Max couldnt be easier. Simply plug the WiFi device into your internet connected PC. Make your PC connect to the internet and away you go. You can now play online multi-player games on your PSP! Whats more, the WiFi Max also allows up to 5 "local" PSP gameplayers to all connect at the same time and play multiplayer games all at once!

But gaming isnt all what the PSP WiFi Max is about. You can also use it to wirelessly transfer files such as MP3's and images etc between your PC and PSP and vice versa. And if the files are large, thats not so much a worry, because the WiFi Max operates on the G standard wireless networking, so it operates 5 times faster than ordinary WiFi.

If you have other WiFi-enabled devices capable of using the internet, such as laptops or PDAs, you can take them online with WiFi MAX too. Itís the ultimate device for internet surfing without a WiFi router!

Product Features

  • Wireless internet gaming through an existing net-enabled PC
  • No cables required. Go wireless with your PSP!
  • 5x faster than standard Wireless connections
  • Comes with everything required to get you going


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 January, 2006.

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