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Shopfront » Playstation 2 » PS2 Spares & Repairs » PS2 Laser Arm - Plastic

PS2 Laser Arm - Plastic

£4.95 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock


One of the common problems with all PS2 Console models (although predominant in V 5/6 PS2 consoles) is the PS2 Laser Arm loses itís elasticity and causes poor loading, waiting times to eject the tray after pressing the eject button with an annoying grinding noise and in extreme cases the disk wonít load at all.


Replacing the plastic PS2 laser arm and re-greasing the worm drive on the plastic PS2 laser arm can in some cases resurrect a previously non-working machine.

PS2 Laser Arm Features

  • Resurrects some ďdeadĒ machines
  • Hard to source
  • Easy to fit
  • Quality 3rd Party replacement


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 January, 2004.

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