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Nintendo Wii Charging Station

14.95 inc VAT

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All Wii owners know how much fun you can have with the wireless controllers, unfortunately with extended game play replacing batteries can be a bit hard on the pocket unless you opt for rechargeable ones. The Nintendo Wii Charging Station can solve this problem and save you 'S!

Containing one charging cradle and two sets of batteries you can charge one set of batteries in the plug in slot on the back of the cradle and one Wiimote with the battery still inside the controller.

Simply connect the charging cradle into the Wii USB port, or any USB plug for that matter and charge your batteries up. Typically charging time will be 4 hours for one battery or 8 hours if charging both sets at once. Charging can still take place when the Wii is in standby mode as long as the machine is not powered off at the plug socket.

Product Features

  • Comes with 2 sets of batteries
  • Play with one set whilst charging another set
  • Led indicators flash when batteries are fully charged

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 21 July, 2007.

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