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Shopfront » Nintendo Wii » Nintendo Wii General » Nintendo Wii Charging Dock

Nintendo Wii Charging Dock

5.00 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock


Save a packet by replacing the batteries from your Wiimote with the re-chargeable pack included in the Madcatz Nintendo Wii Charging Dock. Simply attach the battery pack to your Wiimote , connect the stand to your Wii stand , connect the wires and you can recharge the Wiimote by placing it in the cradle. There's even a hand slot to place your Nunchuck on when it's not being used.

Product Features

  • Saves 's on replacement batteries.
  • Keeps controllers all in one place.
  • Great price!

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 February, 2009.