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Shopfront » PC » Cases / Case Mods » PC UV Molex Connectors

PC UV Molex Connectors

3.95 inc VAT

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What more impressive way to brighten up your PC than to replace your original molex connectors for these UV (Ultra Violet) versions!

When placed under UV light, these UV Molex Connectors will glow with a fluorescent effect, making your PC came look a lot more exciting! and if that isnt enough to tempt you, these UV Molex connectors are very easy to fit. Simply unplug the pins from your old molex and pop them into the UV Molex connectors and press down...simple!

Product Features

  • Great mod and simple to install
  • Make your PC look great
  • Used with UV lighting, looks awesome!


This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 May, 2005.

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