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Fibreglass Pen

5.95 inc VAT

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The Fibreglass Pen is used for removing solder resist (the coloured covering over copper PCB tracks) so that wires can be soldered to it.

This Fibreglass Pen is ESSENTIAL for removing the solder resist off the Veer's Points on the new Version 9 Playstation 2 console and Satin Silver PS2 console, which is also a Version 9 PS2.

After using the Fibreglass Pen, the points can then be tinned up with solder and soldered to, as a normal copper track, giving good adhesion and conductivity. This is a safe and professional method of removing solder resist and it used by ourselves in the fitting of all our PS2 mod chips and XBox mod chips.

Great when used in conjunction with our Flux Pen



  • Excellent value for money and great quality
  • Essential for DMS 3 V9 Mod Chip and Messiah 2 V1.31 Mod Chip installation
  • Great professional results everytime


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 October, 2003.

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