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Shopfront » PC » Hardware » 3 Button Optical Mouse

3 Button Optical Mouse

5.95 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock


With this 3 Button Optical Mouse is a precision optical mouse that doesnt require ball cleaning, giving you the comfort of professional ergonomic contouring and the ability to assign specific functions to the 3 programmable mouse buttons for greater flexibility and ease of use.

You will find that the 3 Button Optical Mouse will also work on most surfaces, unlike traditional ball mice that require a perfectly flat surface with a non-slip top.

Also comes with a PS2 to USB adapter, so can be used with as either a PS2 or USB mouse. 


  • Precision optical cursor control
  • Professional ergonomic design
  • Variable surface usability
  • Multi-directional scroll wheel
  • 3 Programmable buttons
  • Can be used with both PS2 and USB fittings


This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 August, 2003.

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