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Shopfront » CD / DVD Media » Blank CDR Media » Aone White Full Face Printable CD-R Discs 25 Pack

Aone White Full Face Printable CD-R Discs 25 Pack

4.00 inc VAT

Availability: Temporarily out of stock


The Aone White full face CD-R disc allows you to record at speeds of up to 52x with each disc holding 702MB of space. This equals to 80-minutes of audio. The white surface means you can print up to the centre of the disc giving you proffessional results when printing from any make of inkjet printer. The superb quality of the Aone brand means you can be confident in its everyday tasking for both recording and playback.



Product Features

  • Full face printable.
  • Burning speeds up to 52x.
  • 702MB capacity.
  • 25 CD-R's per pack.



This product was added to our catalog on Monday 19 April, 2010.